The Story



Lorem Cosmetics is based on the principle of minimal ingredients for maximum impact. We are Nature’s Beauty. As a woman who is in love with cosmetics, I had become very interested in what I was actually putting on my skin when my husband looked at my vanity and looked at my mess of cosmetics and said, “What is all this?” He looked at everything and said, “How much did you spend? “ Well, if he only knew, it was a lot. He started reading a couple of the back ingredients and asked if I knew what I was putting on my face, and I had no idea. We spent a few minutes searching ingredients online and I was appalled of what I was actually putting on my face.

As we kept researching we found that I can create my own recipes with all natural ingredients. I wanted to make sure that they were actually “Natural” and really good for your skin. Now, two years later my dreams have come true and I was able to build my own line of cosmetics and skincare products that I can proudly say that they are all natural!

Lorem is built on the foundation that natural shouldn’t be boring. Therefore, we choose vibrant colors for all women to enjoy and also skin care products that can enhance one’s beauty.

Lorem Cosmetics is truly nature’s beauty, making women feel beautiful all while staying true to having minimal ingredients with maximum impact. Therefore, all of our cosmetics and skin care products are cruelty-free.Our products are the purest line of nourishing cosmetics and skin care products that are made with the highest quality ingredients. Free of any harmful toxins that are common in other cosmetics. We created products that are good for our body, but also good for the environment.

- Camila Poletini, Owner