A Miracle Cure? 10 Natural Oils to Get Rid of Acne

Breakouts are not only for teenagers. They can happen at any age and for multiple reasons. Diet, hormone balance, stress, and just genetics can cause acne. Natural oils are a great way to fight off acne. They are better than those harsh chemical scrubs and creams and are a natural way to clear up your skin.

1. Oregano is a staple in any kitchen, but you may also want to add this essential oil to the medicine cabinet. It is a natural antiseptic and its antibacterial properties make it ideal for treating acne. To use it you need to dilute it with equal parts or jojoba, olive oil, or coconut oil. Then you just put some of that mixture onto the zit until it clears up.

2. Tea Tree Oil has some major antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. It can be used equally to treat acne before it becomes too bad. Just take a cotton swab and dip into a jar of tea tree essential oil and then put it on your acne. However, do not use this oil if you have sensitive skin. Tea tree can also dry out your skin so add jojoba to it before you apply it.

3. Lavender is a wonderful, soothing oil to help on the war against acne. It can calm the skin and reduce acne at the same time. Using it every day will help to prevent breakouts before they start. Make your own moisturizer by mixing together jojoba, almond or grape seed oil, and lavender. This combination also makes a great makeup remover.

4. Bergamot is a citrusy essential that can perk up your skin. It has tremendous antibacterial properties that help to make it a great spot treatment for acne. You can mix bergamot with coconut, olive, or jojoba oil. Then add other of these acne fighting essential oils to make your own personalized acne treatment.


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5. Rosemary is not only a great flavor to use when cooking, but it also helps to fight acne. It helps to reduce excess oil and contains anti-inflammatory properties. You can use it in a cleanser, scrub, or moisturizer. Rosemary can improve circulation, which will firm and ton your skin.

6. Manuka oil comes from the nuts of the Ati tree, which is a relative of Tea tree. Manuka is known for its antiviral and regenerative properties. These help to cure acne and promote scar healing. Manuka oil is one of the best essential oils to treat acne scars.

7. Rosewood oil can help combat oily skin. Acne contains oil called sebum, which can ooze out and infect other parts of your face. Rosewood can help to decrease the amount of sebum that is produced and that can help limit breakouts. Rosewood can be drying, so it does need to be used sparingly or as a spot treatment.

8. Helichrysum oil is costly, but if you suffer from mature acne and scars it is probably worth it. It has restorative properties and helps to fight against free radicals. To use it it needs to be diluted with olive or coconut oil and then applied directly to the blemish.

9. Carrot seed oil is high in vitamin C and other vitamins. It is great for treating scars and acne. Do not confuse carrot seed essential oil with carrot carrier oil. To use carrot seed oil you will need to dilute it with olive or coconut oil and then apply.

10. Sandalwood is an expensive oil, but it is worth it. It helps to dry out the blemishes and clear them up. It has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, astringent, and disinfectant qualities that make this oil wonderful for fighting acne. It does need to be diluted with jojoba, coconut, or oil olive before being applied.

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