Our Skin's Secret Desire: The Benefits of Organic Skin Care

Contemporary culture tosses around the term “organic” so frequently that it’s easier to overlook its usage than to research the reasons why “organic” has become a mainstream practice. From food to clothing, “going organic” often seems little more than a method for boosting popularity, questioning buying habits, or merely trying something different. Organic, though, can be so much more, especially when it comes to skin care. As the body’s largest organ, the skin has the capacity to absorb a high percentage of whatever is lathered upon it. Would you want that absorption to be composed of possibly toxic chemicals? We don’t often think of external beauty products affecting our internal health, but the skin can be a pretty effective sponge. All-natural cosmetics and organic skin care products are an excellent alternative to the chemical-laden items lining the beauty aisles. Before re-stocking your favorite foundation that you have used since high school, before rubbing down with the sunblock that—you have to admit—is a brand your grandmother may have used, or before soaking in that much deserved bubble bath that you are certain smells like paradise, consider the benefits of switching to organic skin care products.

The United States Department of Agriculture functions as the regulatory body overseeing the growing and manufacturing processes of “certified organic” ingredients. If a product is labeled “USDA Organic” it has met the minimum standards set by the Department of Agriculture, meaning its components have been grown without added pesticides, fertilizers, or other chemicals. Many, if not most, of the major brands of cosmetics and skin care products that are easily available contain ingredients created in an artificial setting—a laboratory. With added colors and fragrances, these products may initially appeal more strongly to our senses, but we must consider the health of our skin over a lifetime. Think of how often you apply cosmetics or skin care products, including foundation, powder, lotions, and creams—at least once or twice a day? Or more? Think of the cumulative effect of these applications over years, maybe the 40 or 50 years of your adult existence. With all the chemicals and toxins already in the air, the addition of chemicals in your skin care products can only increase your exposure to their negative effects. Choosing organic skin care products and cosmetics is a great opportunity to re-introduce health and vibrancy into your body.


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An interesting paradox of popular culture is the abundance of easily accessible, but, unhealthy lifestyle options juxtaposed with a rapidly growing focus on improving holistic health. Look to the left, and there are super-sized fast food meals, unnatural preservatives, and surplus sweeteners; look to the right, and there are new farmer’s markets, 24-hour fitness centers, and no-sugar, no-gluten, no-fat diet plans. You must be proactive and wise to navigate the latest fads or celebrity-endorsed crazes. What kind of long-term routine do you want to establish for your body’s greatest potential? You show your skin to the world every day, all day long. Why not bathe your skin in the natural and organic ingredients your body craves, rather than the artificial ones that can irritate or harm?

With all-natural cosmetics and organic skin-care products, you can be confident that you are not subjecting your delicate and precious skin to anything unnaturally engineered. The risk of allergic reactions, untimely breakouts, and unnecessary aging are reduced when your skin is absorbing the ingredients nature has provided. By using organic products for your skin, you lessen your body’s exposure to toxins, improve your skin’s look and feel, and often support companies that are committed to “green” practices that are beneficial for the environment. To put it simply, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Going organic for your skin is not another trend, but a lifestyle change that contributes to your overall health and beauty, both inside and out.


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